94425769 240841607027569 3857797671750205440 nHi, my name is Chris and I am an alcoholic, and by the grace of God I have been sober since September 6, 2016 and for that I am grateful. I took my first drink at the age of 13. I grew up in a loving non-drinking home with my parents, who are still married today, with two brothers and one sister. I had a huge Catholic family and alcoholism ran throughout it – grandparents, aunts, and uncles.

The first drink I took at age 13 was red wine, and I drank until I puked. I was not a normal drinker right from the rip. I was a social drinker in high school and did not drink much but when I did it always ended in a blackout, passed out, or me throwing up.

I got married and had a baby at the age of 18. I had my second child by the age of 21. I was a stay at home mom and my drinking was not a huge issue until I divorced after 21 years of marriage, then it was off to the races for me. I married another alcoholic and drank heavily for 12 years. My drinking should have killed me. I got pancreatitis and my liver enzymes were jacked up. My relationships were unraveling and I had a hard time keeping a job. My life was becoming unmanageable. I drank in the morning, when I was happy, when I was sad, noon and night. Every reason to drink I would find it.

After 12 years of heavy drinking I went to rehab for the first time. I stayed in rehab for 3 weeks. I left rehab and convinced myself I was cured. I came home and went back to life as normal. I did not go to 12-step meetings and I did not get a sponsor as suggested. I was still trying to control my life. I stayed sober for over a year and eventually relapsed. I went back to treatment for 10 days and once again convinced myself that all I needed was a refresher. My life became completely out of control. I did nothing to stay sober.

In the last month of my drinking career I hit my bottom. I assaulted two police officers in a blackout, attempted to end my life, destroyed my marriage and my family was done with me. I was looking at prison and I felt broken and hopeless.

God spared me and I ended up at Transformation Treatment Center. I finally gave up my will and started listening. I stayed in treatment for 6 months and I went to 8 meetings a week. I got a sponsor and today I remain sober. I threw myself into recovery. I am grateful to my God and Alcoholics Anonymous. My first year of recovery was very hard. I kept going to meetings and worked the steps of AA.

Over time I got my relationships back and I have a job that I love working in treatment. I have a freedom and happiness today that I never thought possible. I am happy, joyous, and free!
The Promises of Alcoholics Anonymous have come true for me because I stay sober one day at a time.