By: Phillip S., Transformations alumnus


As I walk through the valley of the….

Man, screw the shadow of death, I’m not about to rest

I got a lot of life left, he’s about to be out of breath

I’ve survived all his tests, I ride and I’ve died with the best

But my quest, to wrestle with death, has left me to be a bit depressed, and I’m a bit of a pessimist

I wasn’t always like this, my existence used to consist of bliss

I started life with starry eyes; I was a far cry from the barfly you now find

I was drowning in a sea of liquor, and the brown brought me down even quicker

And there I stood on death’s doorstep where I begged the question; what comes next?

And I cried in the violent silence, because I have all the excuses and I claim all the abuses, but the truth is I made my own nooses

I wrapped ‘em real tight and hanged for dear life, and somehow, for no reason or rhyme I found the ground every time

But this time I finally feel willing, some things are finally clicking; suddenly I don’t feel so sickly.

My mental capacity’s all coming back to me; maybe I don’t need another catastrophe.

So this is me learning to be free

This is me turning these new leaves, gaining a little friction on my affliction

Maybe I may be able to turn these unstable tables on the disease of my addiction

I got a new mission

And my vision, I envision breaking out of this prison of night, because I found my light

And this dude brought a knife to a gun fight

When I fight the night, I’m bringing the sunlight

So tell the shadow of death, he can sharpen his knife

Because I’ve been walking through his valley all my life

And I’m finally shining bright, from the inside out

And I’m not about to go out – without a fight.


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