By: Helana Cabral, Transformations Alumna and Director of Alumni Services

You don’t graduate sobriety. This is why being part of an amazing alumni family like the one we have at Transformations Treatment Center is so important. One of the things I love about our Alumni Department is that everyone is an alumnus of Transformations, so we can relate to clients on all levels. We have completed the same PHP, IOP and OP groups, lived in client housing, currently attend meetings, have sponsors, work steps, struggled in recovery, and enjoyed life sober.  Almost anything our alumni are struggling with, we too have been in their shoes and can share words of encouragement, strength, and hope for the future by being living examples of a sober life.

Once an alumni of Transformations Treatment Center, you are always part of our alumni family. We will call to check on you and be there to support you in your recovery in any way we can. We have local alumni meetings and events, but if you’re not local, you will not be forgotten or left out. We have a monthly online alumni meeting and social media so that clients all over the country can still be involved.

Research shows that feeling part of something, connected, and accountable to others increases the likelihood of follow through with goals and objectives.  The more meetings and alumni events clients participate in, the better chances they have of staying sober. I graduated from Transformations Treatment Center in 2011 and feel extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to develop and be part of the Transformations Alumni program.  I only recommend things that worked for me, and being a part of such a strong alumni community works.  I was able to turn what seemed like a crisis at the time, into my life’s work and passion and I am dedicating my life to bringing that type of joy and serenity to others through the alumni department.

Recently we have changed alumni night which is held every Wednesday night from 7-8:30pm. The 1st Wednesday is sponsor/sponsee dinners where alumni and their sponsor or sponsee come and share their experience, strength and hope. The 2nd Wednesday is Transformations Staff Speaker which the alumni love coming back to hear their favorite staff member speak, 3rd Wednesday is an alumni speaker and my very favorite is the last Wednesday of the month; celebration night. At celebration night, alumni come back to pick up their 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, 9 months chips. For our alumni, it is a great feeling being able to celebrate a milestone and come back with family and friends to see them get their milestone medallion. Words can’t express the joy and excitement I get when I see these clients evolve into inspiring men and women.

The passion that my team and I have for the Transformations Alumni cannot be matched. We help clients to see a life beyond addiction with a hands-on approach. We help them to understand that they are right where they need to be at this moment and to help them to feel grateful for being part of something so amazing and united.  In doing this, we create an opportunity to heal ourselves  and give back through the support and service of others who are currently struggling with managing life sober for the first time.  I could not be more proud of the Alumni department and the clients who support one another through continued participation in the alumni program.

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