Holistic Services

Holistic therapy at Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center is part of our Supplemental Programs and is available to all clients. While not mandatory, it is recommended as it aids in the recovery process.

Our program was developed after assessing the critical needs of many individuals in recovery. The use of certain holistic vitamins and other nutritional supplements helps to re-establish balance in the body which can support the recovery process.

While a few other facilities might incorporate some degree of nutrition into their programs, our program is more extensive and inclusive.

At Transformations Treatment Center, our holistic approach is one of the cornerstones of our successful program.

A Mind/Body Approach

Each client is provided with a daily supply of several vitamins, minerals, oils and amino acids that have been specifically formulated for individuals recovering from substance abuse. This therapy has been demonstrated and documented to be highly beneficial in expediting the recovery process.

As most of our clients suffer from significant brain chemical deficiencies and imbalances brought on by their substance abuse, restoring them to proper balance as soon as possible is key. Anxiety is reduced and sleep patterns improved, common problems for individuals in the initial phases of their recovery.

Clients are re-evaluated at least once weekly to assess their progress. Weekly urine tests are monitored for two important brain chemicals: dopamine and serotonin. This helps determine the effectiveness of the protocol. These two chemicals control and regulate movement and emotional responses as well as mood, sexual desire and function, appetite, sleep, memory and learning, temperature regulation, and some social behavior. In terms of body function, serotonin can also affect the functioning of the cardiovascular system, muscles, and various elements in the endocrine system.


Many clients experience dramatically improved recovery times as the primary brain chemicals are rapidly restored. This translates into less anxiety, insomnia, fatigue or brain fog.

The majority of clients react very well to the program. It often leads to more satisfied clients who are more likely to complete their treatment program. The most common client feedback we receive is that the program is very impressive in results that it delivers.


A nutrient-rich diet containing the proper amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, can help the body develop the balance it needs for optimal health.  Because this balance is often affected by the use of drugs or alcohol, Transformations has a registered dietician and nutritionist on staff to advise all of our clients and encourage them to eat a healthy diet based on their individual needs and the effects of substance use.


We are one of the few treatment centers that offers, holistic supplements with documented results. We incorporate the “Master Holistic Formulations” holistic supplement protocol, a unique approach to rebuilding damaged areas of the body and brain. Through their use, we can significantly reduced or eliminated the need for pain and sleep medications. In addition, clients who experience ADD and ADHD have shown improvement with their symptoms.

Program Treatment Length

The program is available for the duration of the clients’ stay at Transformations. Upon discharge, clients are provided with a one-week’s supply of the key products found to be most beneficial to them. It is recommended that they continue using them as needed.

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