SoundPath Recovery

What if you could rewrite the music of your life, or help a loved one hear a new song – one of hope and courage? SoundPath Recovery music program here at Transformations helps people in addiction recovery reclaim their lives.

The Music Studio

At Transformations, we believe in giving our clients the best possible treatment and continuing this level of quality was integral when designing our SoundPath studio by choosing only high quality parts and equipment. From our microphones to the sound balancing effect of our walls we’ve put a lot into our studio so our clients can get a lot out of it.

The SoundPath Studio is more than the gear, more than the walls – it’s another stop on the path to recovery one that brings our clients together with music and support from our team.


As clients gather to make music, community building and creative expression come out of the shadows. In what once was a silent darkness, a light gets switched on. Motivation increases, and curiosity in a new musical experience ignites. Through musical performance outlets, the recording process, and song writing groups, clients find new reasons to move forward. Opportunities to explore other groups in the facility become more interesting to them, groups like anger management, spirituality and meditation, learning healthful ways to cope with the bumps and bruises in life and 12-step recovery.

How SoundPath Works

Clients who are interested in music are eligible to participate, and you don’t need to be musically inclined or have a great singing voice. If you’re a creative writer or you just want to express yourself musically, then this program is for you.

After assignment to a licensed mental health counselor, certified addiction professionals, or masters-level therapist specializing in each client’s specific issues, participants attend therapy groups, song writing sessions, and other outlets that allow them to express themselves in a healthy manner.

The best part is, upon completion of therapy assignments, SoundPath participants get to venture into the SoundPath recording studio. There, they will hear a new song emerge in their very own sober recording – a soundtrack of their recovery.

Collaboration becomes a source of support, not something to fear, as our production staff and counselors encourage clients to write songs based on their own personal experiences. Musical development, including optional live performances, music outings and other activities help add clarity to the addict’s mind, changing the unknown into a vision they can replay throughout the rest of their recovering lives.

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