Hanukkah Healing and Recovery

Hanukkah Healing and Recovery: 8 Nights of Sobriety

Hanukkah is a time for reflection, joy and celebration. During the Festival of Lights, we light olive oil lights or candles and celebrate with delectable foods, special games, song, and prayer. Yet, for those with addiction, it may be difficult to maintain sobriety during the holidays. Here are some ideas to help you stay sober during this time and enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

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offers insight into faith and substance use

Christian Group Therapy Offers Insights into Faith and Substance Use

Drug and alcohol dependency touch every area of a person’s life. Lost in the twilight of addiction, men and women struggle against feelings of despair, searching for a pathway that will lead them back into the light. For many, that pathway can be found through surrender to a Higher Power. Christ and His eternal message of love, forgiveness and redemption can provide the inspiration for change, along with the hope that change is truly possible.

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the role of community in christian and faithbased tx

The Role of Community in Christian and Faith-Based Treatment

People enrolled in faith-based rehab programs have chosen an ambitious path to healing. Life transformation is their ultimate goal, and their recovery from addiction is their launching point to a new and better future. For those who experience drug and alcohol dependency as a spiritual crisis, faith-based treatment programs can be ideal. Their therapy sessions will incorporate highly valuable religious or spiritual perspectives and insights, which can only aid their attempts to get clean and sober. Their time in faith-based recovery will give them the chance to forge a closer relationship with God, and with others who share their interest in spiritual matters.

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faith in recovery

Faith in Recovery Spreads Hope and Healing

People enrolled in addiction treatment programs have had experiences that can affect their self-esteem, emotional stability and sense of community with others. These experiences can also erode any sense of faith in something beyond the predictable ups and downs of everyday life.

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consider a christian rehab

Why You Might Want to Consider a Christian Rehab for Addiction Treatment

The Role of Community in Faith-Based Treatment
People enrolled in faith-based rehab programs have chosen an ambitious path t

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