Top Amenities of Luxury Addiction TreatmentDrug and alcohol dependency touch every area of a person’s life. Lost in the twilight of addiction, men and women struggle against feelings of despair, searching for a pathway that will lead them back into the light.

For many, that pathway can be found through surrender to a Higher Power. Christ and His eternal message of love, forgiveness and redemption can provide the inspiration for change, along with the hope that change is truly possible.

Men and women who choose Christian rehab programs acknowledge that their addiction is at least partially the result of a spiritual crisis. By working to restore their relationship with God, Christ, the church and the greater Christian community, they strive to overcome chemical dependency by transcending it, by embracing wholeness of mind, body and spirit after months or years of a fractured and dysfunctional existence.

Evidence-based treatments are the hallmark of Christian rehab, and one major aspect of the recovery program is group therapy, where practicing Christians meet others with the same beliefs and perspectives. In group therapy, clients work together on a shared, dual path of spiritual healing and sobriety, each supporting the others in any way they can.

The Value of Christian Group Therapy

In traditional rehab, the men and women who attend group therapy sessions are an eclectic mix of unique individuals with a wide range of perspectives. They will share mutual encounters with drug and/or alcohol abuse and have in common certain life experiences that left them vulnerable to addiction (i.e., exposure to neglect and abuse as children, a family history of drug or alcohol dependency, struggles with anxiety or mood disorders, etc.). Their focus on overcoming their substance use issues is what binds them together, and for many that is enough to make the difference.

But some people feel a need for something more, and that is why they choose Christian rehab or other types of faith-based treatment.

The environment in Christian group therapy promotes social and spiritual cohesion. Everyone retains their uniqueness and individuality, but they share a commitment to Christ and are motivated by a deep need to reconnect with their own spiritual natures.

Participants in these group sessions will speak often of their drug and alcohol use and about how it has affected their lives. But they will also discuss their ongoing quest to rediscover their spirituality and to fill the inner void that comes from a broken relationship with God.

Group therapy in Christian rehab programs offers full and unconditional support to men and women with a specific outlook on the nature of their addiction, in a family-like environment where all are free to acknowledge the importance of their faith without fear of dismissal or misunderstanding.

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What Happens in Christian Group Therapy?

Christian group therapy sessions are positive, hopeful and uplifting. Discussion remains open and free-flowing, and participants are encouraged to be honest about their emotions and to share important details about their history of addiction and their attempts to heal and grow as a human being.

Recovery is the primary focus of therapy, and while in group therapy clients will be asked to reflect on their patterns of thought and behavior, to identify the life circumstances that led them to drugs and alcohol. This is a highly constructive aspect of group therapy regardless of the format, but it can be especially effective when everyone in the group shares the same general outlook and long-term goals, as those who enroll in Christian recovery programs do.

When the discussion turns to Christ, God and the Bible—as it will during each session—a spirit of camaraderie will almost inevitably emerge, as everyone is encouraged to explore their Christianity and honestly reflect on why their love of God was not enough to prevent them from falling into the trap of addiction.

Substance abuse may precipitate, or emerge from, a spiritual crisis. But when a crisis occurs, redemption and recovery are always possible, and that is why Christian rehab programs appeal to people who experience addiction as a spiritual failure and want to work together with others who share that view.

Outside of rehab, people in Christian recovery programs will be given ample opportunities to become more deeply involved in the greater Christian community, through regular church attendance and frequent participation in Celebrate Recovery meetings. Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous and makes an ideal supplement to the group therapy process in Christian rehab.

The Christian Treatment Program at Transformations

Despite their Christian focus, faith-based treatment programs are versatile and offer customized treatment services that are appropriate for each client, regardless of what substance or substances they have been using. Even within the parameters of faith-based treatment, the “one size fits all” method is rejected, in favor of individualized recovery plans that meet all the needs of clients, including (but not exclusively) those of a spiritual nature.

The Christian recovery program at Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is designed to incorporate evidence-based treatments at every stage of recovery, starting in medical detox and extending on into formal treatment and aftercare[1]. Clients walk the path of spiritual renewal, but they do so while staying fully focused on what brought them to treatment in the first place.

Throughout the duration of their program, those who seek faith-based treatment services at Transformations will work with trained addiction treatment specialists who have helped many people find inner peace and sobriety. Individual therapy (with a Christian focus) and family therapy are included in the healing regimen along with group therapy, and additional specialty services are available that can help reinforce the positive impact of daily therapy and religious practice.

Depending on the needs and interests of individual clients, these additional offerings may include holistic therapies, neuro-feedback, cognitive exercises and psychiatric care for co-occurring mental health conditions. Participants in Christian rehab are also encouraged to interact with people from other religious (and non-religious) backgrounds, in open groups that include non-Christians and people not specifically enrolled in faith-based treatment programs.

Faith-based treatment at Transformations is a resource for those who gain strength, hope and purpose from their search for spiritual connection and regeneration. By surrendering to a Higher Power, they awaken to the truth of how much they are loved, and how much spiritual renewal will fill their lives in recovery.

Drug and alcohol use disorders are powerful enemies. But with the help of God and the unconditional support of other men and women of faith, they can be overcome, as can any and all obstacles.

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