Sherdina Array

About Sherdina Brown

Sherdina Brown is from Baltimore, Maryland, and what got her into the field of addiction is her own recovery. She started in this field seven years ago and has been working at Transformations for almost six years. She started in this field as a BHT, and worked as a Cosmetologist for 37 years and decided to change her profession. While working as a BHT, she realized how she could help others suffering from the disease of addiction. She wanted to pursue a career of being a therapist. She went from the position of a BHT, to a Lead BHT, to a BHT Supervisor, then into managing the front office and now she is facilitating groups and will be taking her exam to obtain my CAC. Working with the clients is so rewarding for Sherdina and she loves when former clients call or write saying how much she has helped them and that they are still sober.

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