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About Lyle Fried

Lyle is a Certified Addictions Professional, Internationally Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Approved Trainer for the Florida Certification Board, an ordained pastor, and a Certified Health Coach. He is currently the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) President. He is also on the Scientific Advisory Board for Geneus Health and the advisory board member of the Alliance for Addiction Solutions. He has met with government officials at the local state, and federal levels to help guide policies related to mental health and substance use disorders. As a training provider Lyle has assisted individuals improve their professionalism and gain certification. As a health coach, he assists clients in obtaining optimal health and the accompanying benefits, physically and mentally. As a scientific advisor, he is involved in research projects to improve outcomes and address addiction at the genetic and neurotransmitter level with the research being published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. As a consultant he has established, licensed, operated, and gained national accreditation for numerous treatment facilities across the country.