What I Learned From MorrieIf you did not join us for our quarterly book club a couple weeks ago, you sure missed out! But that does not mean it is too late for you to read this life changing book! Normally, I’d be cautious and try my hardest to not spoil a book by starting off a blog by letting everyone know that the main character dies at the end, but there is so much more to Morrie’s story than his death. A diagnosis of ALS has an average life expectancy of two to five years, so yes, Morrie ultimately passes.

You’re probably wondering why you should bother reading this book now, huh?

This is a book that highlights an old professor’s reflections of his life. His tales are told through a tape recorder and occur on simple, Tuesday afternoons that are spent with one of his old college students. A student who has lost his way in the world and has quite frankly become pretty jaded. It is about so much more than death. It is about being present here now and enjoying those around us. It is about what we choose to leave behind and the impact that we have on others. While reading this book, I often found myself examining my own beliefs about life and how I choose to spend my time. Both in active addiction and in the present moment.

Each Tuesday, Morrie shares pieces of wisdom with his old student Mitch, ranging from world views, topics on feeling sorry for one’s self, regrets, death, family, the fear of aging, love, marriage and culture. They talk about what a “perfect day” looks like, and lastly, saying goodbye. For many years, I thought that I had all of the time in the world. Most of my daily decisions were based on instant gratification and selfish gain. I also failed to consider how much time I had left with those around me, especially those that are older and full of wisdom. This book reminded me to slow down, appreciate the small stuff and to pick the brains of those that I look up to. It made me ponder how I would choose to spend my own final moments and made me question whether or not I am truly utilizing my time here on earth and living up to my fullest potential and purpose. It reminded me that our value does not lie in our bodies, or age or our looks. It is deep within our souls and it is only worthwhile if it is shared with others. This book reminded me of the importance of service, helping the next alcoholic and working daily towards keeping a positive mindset, regardless of my circumstances… because it truly is contagious.

Tuesdays with Morrie made me ask myself; if I live to be an old woman, will I be the type of person that people are drawn to, like they are with Morrie? Morrie is not a rich man. He is withering away on his deathbed. But he has something more precious to offer than money, youth, or agility. What Morrie has to offer is much more valuable. Morrie places value on being present for others. He knows the importance of being a listening ear, the value of offering wisdom and most importantly, the profound impact of radiating genuine, pure love.

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