Morphine Withdrawal and Detox

Morphine Withdrawal and DetoxWithdrawal is a universal concern for people affected by morphine dependence or morphine addiction. It occurs when intake of the medication comes to an abrupt stop, or when you make quick, substantial cutbacks in your accustomed level of consumption. People withdrawing from the medication exhibit the same symptoms found in all dependent/addicted opioid users. When withdrawal first begins1, these symptoms can include:

  • An increased tendency to yawn
  • Increase tear and mucus output
  • A spike in your level of sweat production
  • Sleeplessness
  • An agitated or anxious mental outlook

As the process progresses, you will experience other symptoms such as:

  • Nausea and vomiting,
  • Cramping sensations in your abdomen/stomach region,
  • Widened (i.e., dilated) pupils
  • Involuntary bristling of body hairs (goose bumps).

Withdrawal from morphine or any other opioid won’t usually endanger your life, as long as you have no involvement in other forms of substance misuse. However, you still shouldn’t take the process lightly. Over time, untold numbers of people have halted their efforts to quit opioids when confronted with withdrawal’s unpleasant symptoms. And even when they reach a sober state, untold numbers of people have relapsed back into opioid intake. This is a major point of danger for anyone without access to prompt medical assistance. Why? Abstinence lowers tolerance to opioids’ effects, and a level of consumption that caused no problems in the past may now trigger a life-threatening or fatal overdose.

Medically Supervised Detox

If you’re looking for a safe way to withdraw from morphine, experts agree that supervised medical detoxification2 provides clear advantages over all other methods. First of all, a medical detox program will be able to determine if you have other problems that increase your risks for withdrawal complications. It will also have the resources needed to protect your health throughout the process. Supervised detox provides another big benefit by reducing your odds of experiencing an opioid relapse. As a bonus, effective detoxification also guides you toward participation in substance treatment, which will help you make enduring changes in your everyday lifestyle.

Reach Out For Help

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