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Write, Record & Share Your Music Sober!

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SoundPath The Soundtrack for Recovery


What if you could rewrite the music of your life? Or help a loved one hear a new song, a song of hope and courage? A new program from Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center is on the way for addiction music therapy.

It’s called SoundPath Recovery music therapy program. Like all of the programs in our treatment center, SoundPath helps people in addiction recovery reclaim their lives.

“Every addict plays a soundtrack over and over in their minds. Like a song on repeat, they hear only what their addiction sings to them. SoundPath gives them a reason to orchestrate new notes and verses. Through SoundPath, they can create their own music to accompany them on a new journey full of renewed promise.”

How SoundPath Works

Clients, 18 and over, who are interested in music are eligible to participate. After assignment to licensed mental health counselors, certified addiction professionals or masters-level therapists specializing in their specific issues, participants attend therapy groups, song writing sessions and other outlets that allow them to express themselves in a healthful manner.

Best of all, upon completion of therapy assignments, Sound Path participants get to venture into the Sound Path recording studio. There they will hear a new song emerge in their very own sober recording, a soundtrack of their recovery.

As clients gather to make music, community building and creative expression come out of the shadows. In what once was a silent darkness, a light gets switched on. Motivation increases, and curiosity in a new musical experience ignites. Through musical performance outlets, the recording process, and song writing groups, clients find new reasons to move forward. Opportunities to explore other groups in the facility become more interesting to them, groups like anger management, spirituality and meditation, learning healthful ways to cope with the bumps and bruises in life and 12-step recovery.

As part of daily strategic touch points, clients attend music oriented engagements, resulting in being immersed in the program for a minimum of 25 hours a week. Regardless of their musical skill levels or lack thereof, all clients are welcomed and supported.

Collaboration becomes a source of support, not something to fear, as our production staff and counselors encourage clients to write songs based on their own personal experiences. Musical development, including optional live performances, music outings and other activities help add clarity to the addict’s mind, changing the unknown into a vision they can replay throughout the rest of their recovering lives.

The Science Behind SoundPath

Experts agree music has a calming influence on the mind and promotes awareness, both necessary aspects of beginning the recovery process. Making music is both a solitary and group effort: songwriting begins with introspection and is brought to fruition by working with others. Clients learn how to relax into this process on both sides, learning how to identify problems and find solutions on their own and with others.

Music helps harness anxiety and reign in shiny ball syndrome: that tendency addicts have to divert their attention towards anything new. Ever since man sang his first notes and beat a drum, music and emotions have gone hand-in-hand. Through song, clients experience new pathways to feelings, improving their self-worth and inner peace.

Meet the Director

Sergio Wittis

Sergio Wittis

Mr. Witis has been with Transformations Treatment Center for the past six years. He is also a professional touring sober musician. Widely respected in the music community for his practice in the 12-step program, he also brings the most critical element to any music program: passion. Clients can relate to his devotion in understanding the battles they face, plus they benefit from his experience working with record labels, venues and bands for more than a decade.

Every SoundPath client can take home a completed musical composition and recording with the aid of industry expert Sergio Witis.

Clients Sing Praises for SoundPath

The Healing Power of Music is insane. Making music(in the studio) made me feel higher than any drug. So fulfilling! – Rachel F.

For a long time I found my identity in drugs. In recovery I learn new things about myself everyday and SoundPath has been a huge part of that. Thank you Terry for helping me get out of my comfort zone and helping me get some of my light back! – Gina R.

I’ve been able to unleash my inner music with SoundPath. – Eric L.

It was an honor to get a chance to record in such a beautiful studio. – Joey S.

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