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Effects of Percocet on sex, pregnancy, and child development

The long term use of Percocet, Category C by the FDA, whose main ingredient is oxycodone has been proven to affect a person’s emotional wellbeing and reproductive system. It will lower interest in sex and libido in both male and female users. Women on Percocet will experience irregular menstrual cycles making it hard to get pregnant while men will have lower testosterone levels and could eventually be impotent. In addition, Percocet will affect unborn babies if the pregnant mother takes this drug continuously during her pregnancy. Some of the effects on the fetus include neonatal withdrawal symptoms, neonatal abstinence syndrome, [...]

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The Essence of Sex Addiction: Dysfunction in the mother-child relationship

Sex addiction is described as one person’s suffering that is acted on through sexual acts as a way of finding solace. Sex becomes soothing and an escape from depression, loneliness, anxiety, fear, boredom, or emptiness. Unfortunately, the effects are almost always devastating. Some of the effects of sex addiction include loss of freedom, diminished relationships, insatiable need for sex, sexual fantasy, financial ruin, and a lonely life. According to professionals, sex addicts usually come from a dysfunctional mother-child relationship wherein the mother was unable to provide nurturing attention, tolerance, and care in a healthy way to the child. Thus, the [...]

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Mental Health Training teaches Police New Response Strategies

Last January 31, the Chicago Tribune reported that the local police of Lake county are now undergoing training in response strategies for mental health cases. This is being done in the hopes of reducing the number of “left turn” incidents involving suspects and the police, especially officers-involved shootings. This strategy includes option for long term treatment instead of incarceration since historically, jail time does not discourage the offender from going back and committing the same offenses again. The training will enable officers to recognize signs of untreated mental illness and understand the triggers that can cause violence. According to the [...]

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Recovering S.I. addict who met with Mayor is Arrested on Drug Charges

James Brenker from Klondike Avenue in Staten Island is the drug addict who was able to share his story of recovery with Mayor Bill de Blasio a few weeks ago. It happened right before the mayor’s office announced a program to fight opiate overdose deaths. A few days ago, Brenker was arrested on drug charges along with his companion, James Gugliara, while driving late in the afternoon in New Springville. He was pulled over by the police who spotted a hypodermic needle and plastic cap with heroin residue on the console of his car. Brenker has struggled with drug addiction [...]

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How Long does Naltrexone stay in your System?

Naltrexone is a drug that is used to treat addiction. This medically-assisted treatment option is used in a structured format with a strong support system to help all those affected by the addiction including family members and friends of the addict. As a complimentary therapy, naltrexone has to be part of a holistic approach to addiction in order to be effective. It is a good option because of its low addictive liability and the way it is able to block cravings for addictive substances like alcohol and drugs. At the same time, naltrexone can block the reward circuit, lower relapse [...]

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