Life Skills

We offer Life Skills as part of our Supplemental Program. When clients exit Transformations Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center, not only are they learning to live sober but many of them need to learn, re-learn or improve their living skills in order to function and be successful.

As part of our treatment model we encourage clients to live in a sober community house and be employed. The Life Skills that are taught enable them to do this successfully by learning basic skills such as living on a budget and budgeting, how to eat healthy and economically, and how to care for themselves, their surroundings and maintain a household.

Essential Life Skills courses and programs:

Cooking Lessons

We conduct one cooking class per week where clients learn to make a healthy meal from start to finish.

Household Maintenance

We require clients to keep their apartments clean and tidy. This includes beds being made daily and doing laundry regularly. These simple actions benefit the clients through a sense of accomplishment and allow them to relax in a clean environment.

Group Cooking Classes

Community dinners are offered regularly to give clients the chance to learn how to prepare and cook meals as a team in a positive environment.

Budgeting and Grocery Shopping

Weekly shopping advertisements are reviewed, discussed and clients are then helped with making smart economic decisions and working with a budget.

Household Responsibility

Apartment check-ins happen twice a day. Each visit is an opportunity for clients to learn and maintain the healthy and everyday methods of washing dishes, cleaning rooms, making beds, and washing, drying and folding laundry.