While many people would love to work from home, others rely on their workplace as a place to socialize and miss the opportunities to be around others. Both have their pros and cons so here is a little about working from home vs the office – what’s the difference? Of course, we all realize that due to the circumstances of recent, more people are working from home -whether by choice or necessity. Yet, many may be able to continue telecommuting so here is more about the differences so you can decide if it is for you or not.

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Working from home definitely offers more flexibility. Yet, depending on what kind of job you have, it may be less flexible than you think. For example, if you work for a company that requires you to log-in certain hours, then you cannot work at home as if you have the freedom to come and go. But unless you are required to attend teleconference meetings, at least you can wear what you want.

According to Monster:

Jobs that let you work from home, an arrangement known as telecommuting, are here to stay. In the most recent American Time Use Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 57% of workers in 2018 had a flexible schedule. Additionally, 42 million wage and salary workers (29%) could work from home, and 36 million workers (25%) worked at home some of the time.

On the minus side, sometimes too much flexibility becomes an issue. And this goes for both doing your work and being distracted. Some people may get caught up in bingeing the latest series on Netflix. While others don’t know when to clock out and take some time away from work. It is important to find a balance between the two. Sure, many of you can stream movies while working. Just make sure you know when to stop or shut things down if you find that you are too distracted. And if you’re not taking breaks or working more hours than before, learn to cut back a little and take some “me” time.

Work Habits

Whether or not a person thrives in a home environment depends on their individual work habits and ethics. For some, the peace and quiet of home is the perfect place to flourish and get work done. For others, the distractions of home are too demanding and some cannot get their work done as easily.

For example, if your home has children, pets, or even a spouse – this causes normal day-to-day distractions that make it difficult to focus at times. Yet for some, they can easily get back to work after an interruption and think nothing of it. You have to decide if you can manage yourself as easily as your boss can.


As mentioned above, socialization is a key factor for many in the decision on whether to work at home or not. Human beings are social creatures and being alone for some is not as rewarding as it is for others. Yet, if you have to work at home or want to work at home, you can still socialize in other ways. While you can’t gather around the water cooler, you can still talk to friends on social media, the phone, or by text.

And just because you’re not in an office surrounded by co-workers, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet up with friends for lunch. It may be a tad more difficult since in an office setting you typically have a specific time that you all go. Yet, make time to meet with friends or family to get away from your home office for a bit. It will help you recharge and get the socialization you need.

A Few Tips On Working From Home

Working from home may sound exciting yet scary but with a few tips, you can make the transition more easily.

Think of It as Work

Try keeping a normal routine. You can sleep a little later if you want but try to not get into the habit of taking a stance of whatever happens, happens. Get up at a normal time just like you would if you had to be at the office. Get dressed. You don’t have to wear a suit but try to change out of those pajamas and treat your job as if you had to work around others.

Keep a List

You may not have a set schedule but completing your goals is easier if you have a list to refer to. A work-related to-do list is ideal for making sure you don’t forget the important things. It also helps you stay on track so the day doesn’t get away from you.

Atmosphere is Key

Your work environment is crucial – even at home. Make sure that your work area is set up to be conducive to being productive. Also, make sure your family realizes that you have to work and are not to be disturbed unless it’s an emergency. This may be difficult for some, especially with children, but try to have a place where you can do your work in peace and not be as distracted as home life sometimes warrants.

Which is Best?

There is no easy answer to which is best – working from home or at the office. You have to decide which is right for you and which will help you excel in your work life.

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