What Are Bath Salts and Why Are They So Dangerous

Bath Salt Addiction“Bath salts” is a term for synthetic cathinones, which are stimulant drugs. This is a manmade form of the natural cathinone substance. While natural cathinone is also a stimulant, synthetic cathinones have a higher potency.

Bath salts are made solely for recreational use and are often used as a more affordable option than MDMA, meth and other stimulants. Have you used bath salts for fun and then faced consequences from the substance use? Treatment can help.

A qualified treatment program can provide you with high-level, individualized treatment to help you find a way forward from bath salt addiction. If you’re not sure you have an addiction, professionals can help you figure it out.

Bath Salts in the Body

The effects from bath salts can vary with different formulas, and the way this drug impacts the brain is not fully understood. Nonetheless, it has a similar chemical structure to other stimulants. Overall, stimulants are “uppers” that make you feel full of energy with high levels of focus and alertness.

A few of the ways bath salts can affect you are to cause panic attacks, hallucinations or paranoia. They can also affect your heart rate and other body processes.

And just like with other stimulants, you can become addicted to bath salts. This drug tends to give strong urges that make you struggle against taking the drug again. Also, stimulants encourage the brain to release dopamine and create larger amounts than normal. But if you keep taking a drug with this effect, your brain gets used to having the drug tell it to release dopamine. It also becomes accustomed to the higher levels. Consequently, when you stop taking the drug your brain will need time to get back to its normal state, because it won’t be producing dopamine on its own anymore. You’ll also have to readjust to the normal amount of dopamine.

You can experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop using the drug, which shows you have developed dependence on it. These withdrawal symptoms tend to be mental and emotional, such as anxiety and paranoia.

There are additional signs that you could have an addiction. For example, you might make bath salts a priority over activities that used to matter in your life. Also, you might realize that your substance use is affecting you in negative ways—like draining your income and causing strain in your relationships—but you still don’t quit the drug.

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Treatment for Bath Salts

While bath salt addiction might seem obscure, treatment exists that can help with this type of substance use disorder. You won’t be the first or the last to seek help for an addiction to bath salts, and experienced treatment professionals will understand how to help you.

At Transformations Treatment Center, we offer quality treatment with a detox program through Summit Detox, as well as a rehab treatment program and an aftercare program. These programs take you through different stages of recovery. We start with these basic programs and then create an individualized plan of care that will best help you move forward. Also, our approach is holistic, which means that we will focus on the full spectrum of your addiction.

Detox helps when you are first trying to overcome addiction and still have dependency to bath salts. When you try to quit on your own, you might face withdrawal symptoms that could make you go back to using the drug to make the symptoms stop. But detox gives you support to make the withdrawal process involve less discomfort and keep you from going back to bath salts.

Rehab treatment guides you once you have the drug out of your system. At this point, you can focus on the factors in your life that increased your likelihood of addiction and how this knowledge can help you move forward. You can learn healthier coping skills and discover ways to enjoy life without substances. Different types of therapy are often used to treat bath salt addiction, and this is something we offer as part of our rehab treatment.

Reach Out For Help

If you have a co-occurring substance use or mental health disorder—which means you have another disorder on top of the bath salt addiction—we would address this during rehab treatment as well.

Rehab treatment gives you skills to move forward, but this doesn’t mean you are completely past the addiction. After treatment, you have to face the challenge of applying these skills to normal life, which is full of stresses, triggers and exposure to substances. This is where our aftercare program comes in. We stay in touch so you know you’re not alone in the world and to offer a helping hand if you ever need to be lifted up again.

Your bath salt use may have started out being fun, but if it eventually turned your life in the wrong direction it’s time to make a change. You can stop the path of drug use and addiction to discover a new, healthier direction for your life. Contact us at Transformations Treatment Center to learn how we can help you.

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