5 Signs Of Adderall Addiction

Adderall addictionAdderall is the brand name of a medication that combines dextroamphetamine and amphetamine. This stimulant is one of the prescription medications available for people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It is also prescribed for narcolepsy, a sleep disorder.1

By altering chemicals in the brain, Adderall helps people gain mental focus, better behavioral control and increased attention levels. While Adderall helps certain people, it does have the risk of causing harm—especially for those who don’t have ADHD or narcolepsy.

It’s possible to misuse Adderall, as well as to abuse and become addicted to it. If this has happened to you, you might have noticed that your quality of life has been on a decline because of the drug use. A treatment program can help you figure out whether you have a problem with Adderall and find ways to overcome it for a better life.

Adderall’s Effects on the Mind and Body

Adderall can change your brain and body over time. For one, the same dose can stop working as well for you, which means you have become tolerant to the drug and would need more for the same results.

After ongoing use, your body and mind can become dependent on this drug. Regardless if you use it according to your prescription. When you stop using it, you may experience symptoms of withdrawal, as your body readjusts to functioning without the substance in your system. For example, you might go through a period when you feel very tired, your moods change and you have trouble sleeping.

You can also become addicted to Adderall, which means that your behaviors change because of using the drug. For example, you might be overly focused on using the drug and how to get more of it. You might make substance use a priority over people and activities that were once a greater focus of your life. Above all, it’s a sign of addiction if you fail to stop using a substance. Especially though it’s contributing to problems, such as relationship or money troubles.

Risks of Adderall Addiction

You might have an increased risk of addiction to Adderall if you already have a substance use disorder. This includes substance abuse and addiction—to a different psychoactive substance such as alcohol, opioids or cocaine. Also, you could be more likely to become addicted if you use Adderall differently than it was prescribed to you. For instance, you may take more pills per day than you were supposed to. On the other hand you may continue taking it after your doctor stopped your prescription.

Also, many people use Adderall recreationally, whether they started with a prescription or not. Its psychoactive properties can make you feel euphoric. Euphoria encourages people to use in ways unintended by the medical field. Further, Adderall is a stimulant known for improving focus. Often people use it in an effort to improve performance at school or work. These ways of using Adderall would be considered misuse and could contribute to addiction. Especially when you continue taking the drug and relying on it.

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Treatment for Adderall Addiction

Whether you began taking Adderall recreationally or by a prescription, you may now have a problem with it. If you’re noticing signs of dependence or addiction, treatment can help.

At Transformations Treatment Center, we can offer a holistic treatment approach that addresses the many ways addiction affects your life. For instance, it can affect your mind, your body and your family life. We will assess your situation and come up with an individualized plan specific to your unique needs.

Transformations Treatment offer different treatment programs, levels and tracks to help you in the way that works best for you. We want you to be successful with your own recovery. If you need help getting past the initial withdrawal from stopping Adderall use, we offer a detoxification program. When you are drug free and past the acute withdrawal phase, you can take part in our rehab treatment programs.

We offer outpatient programs, an intensive outpatient program and partial hospitalization. Within our different rehab programs, we can help you work through factors that led you to addiction. As well as guide you on living without substance use. If needed, we are able to address a co-occurring mental health or substance use disorder. And at the end of rehab treatment, we don’t simply turn you away and hope for the best. We stay connected through our aftercare program to make sure you’re doing okay with recovery. We’re also available to help if you need it.

Don’t Suffer In Silence

Even though Adderall is a legal prescription medication, it is possible to misuse it and become addicted. While it has benefits for many people, it can also cause harm and put your life on a decline. If this has happened to you, our treatment program can help. Contact us at Transformations Treatment Center today to discover our individualized treatment plan for you.

At Transformations Treatment Center, we can help you recover from problems with Klonopin addiction. Our holistic care and treatment is based on the best scientific evidence available. Secondly, we specifically tailor our approach to your unique needs. Our goal is simple: to help you lead a healthy, substance-free life. Contact us today for more information on our certified staff of professionals and first-rate facilities.

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