How Long Does Methamphetamine Stay In Your System?

Meth Addiction Rehab
Meth, which is the nickname for methamphetamine, is a stimulant that comes in powder or pill form. Crystal Meth is the rock form of meth. A small number of people are legally able to use meth for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or special cases of obesity, but largely the use of this drug is illegal and for recreational purposes.

You might use meth recreationally by smoking, snorting or injecting it, or by taking it in pill form. This drug offers a rapid onset of effects, so the high you experience comes on quickly and ends quickly. Because of this, people often continue taking the drug in a binge, which is a pattern that can turn into dependency and addiction.

Do you use meth or crystal meth? Your use may have turned into an addiction. If you’re not sure if that’s the case, addiction professionals can assess your situation and recommend specific treatment if needed. A treatment program is able to guide and empower you to live in a healthier way without meth.

Do You Have Meth Addiction?

When you keep taking an addictive substance like meth over an extended period, or you take high doses, the drug can change your brain and behaviors. Your brain naturally makes the chemical dopamine that is connected to reward, motivation and other feel-good processes. When you take the meth, it encourages your brain to release large amounts of dopamine, which makes you to want to take the drug again and again.

Eventually, your brain can get used to an addictive substance like meth stimulating the dopamine release and then no longer release the brain chemical on its own. If you quit using meth, your brain will have to get used to releasing dopamine again. In the meantime, you can face difficult withdrawal symptoms.

How do you know if you’ve become addicted to meth? Maybe you or your loved ones have noticed some signs of addiction. For instance, you might have made the drug a focus of your life. Also, one of the main signs of addiction is that you fail to quit using the drug even when it is contributing to problems in your life.

Plus, when your body is dependent on meth use, you will go through withdrawal symptoms when you suddenly stop giving your body the drug. With meth, these symptoms tend to focus on mental health and can include serious depression, anxiety, psychosis, anxiety and severe cravings.

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Solutions for Addiction

Going through a professional treatment program can give you support as you quit using meth and help you find a way forward from a life of substance use.

Effective treatment for a meth addiction can include detoxification and a rehab program. During the detox component of treatment, you would have assistance ridding your body of meth and getting past the acute withdrawal stage with its accompanying symptoms. Professionals will help make the process easier, more comfortable and safer than if you went through it without support.

You might think that detox is enough, since it gets you to stop using the drug. But when people only go through detox with no other treatment, they often relapse. That’s because detox doesn’t help you explore your addiction and learn new ways of living. This is why a rehab treatment program is beneficial after withdrawing. It helps you if you’re experiencing long-term withdrawal symptoms, which is known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS). It also helps you work on what led to your addiction and learn skills for moving forward.

Through the help of addiction treatment professionals, rehab treatment can provide you with healthier ways of coping. These new coping skills make it easier to avoid turning to meth or other addictive substances when you’re stressed or facing the problems that are inevitable in life.

Treatment for Meth Addiction

At Transformations Treatment Center, we offer high-level addiction treatment to help you on your journey away from a meth addiction and toward recovery. You can enter detox treatment through our Summit Detox facility. Then, we provide rehab treatment that we tailor to your unique needs. We’ll help you figure out which of our programs, tracks and levels is right for you to create an individualized path forward.

When you have completed rehab, you will need to apply the skills you’ve learned and continue with sobriety despite triggers and stressors of life. To help you achieve this next step, you will continue to get support through our aftercare program. This program stays in touch. We provides guidance when needed to help you stick with the road of recovery and prevent relapse.

You don’t have to let a meth addiction control your life. Our Transformations Treatment Center addiction professionals can help you get on a path of recovery that could change your life. Call now to talk about your treatment options.

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