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Caring For Those Who Contributed

When an NFL player retires from the game, the injuries and trauma sustained throughout their career are carried with them for the rest of their lives. Long after the cleats get hung up and the sound of cheering fades away, the physical and emotional pain remains and these strong, tough men are now thrust into living life like a “regular” person. Only, they’re not “regular” and while internally they might know something isn’t right with their body or mind, they’re likely to never visit a doctor on their own in order to find out what’s wrong. It’s easier to just [...]

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Addiction Isn’t a Choice, but You Can Choose to Help

I’m what some people would call a “normie.” I learned this term while working in the field of substance abuse. Basically, a normie is someone who is able to have one drink and then stop, or take pain pills as prescribed and then stop when the pain is gone. I never considered myself fortunate for being one of these types of people, but in all honesty, I never really gave it much thought in general. Experimenting with drugs when I was younger was just something my friends and I did, but it wasn’t until I got older I realized there [...]

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Jamestown, NY: Inaccuracy of Drug Overdose Statistics and the Lack of Funding for Recovery Resources

In cases of drug overdose fatalities, death certificates can fail to cite the correct cause of death. Why is this a problem? The accurate classification of overdoses is important when it comes to determining the distribution of limited state and federal grant money. Errors in data reporting can mean a community receives less funding for resources used to properly combat the opioid epidemic. Misreporting of opioid drug overdose deaths is a result of: A lack of reporting standards from town to town or county to county Misclassification of the cause of death on death certificates Not listing the specific drug [...]

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A Mother’s Story: Getting My Son into Treatment

On October 31st, my son celebrated one year of sobriety! What better way to put it? It’s a celebration, one of which I prayed many nights to happen. Through the much needed support, guidance and trust of Josh Gamaitoni (former Client Services Rep), Kevin Craner (Manager of Family Integrated Services), and Zach Craighton (Admissions Coordinator), we believe in Transformations. We believe they helped us get our son back – total strangers who have become family – without judgement, just empathy, advice, and guidance. It’s difficult to define my son’s story. Just three months after turning 18 years old, his father [...]

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Alcohol Addiction: I Would Never Pretend to be Okay Again

By: Michael Kellerman, Transformations alumnus There she laid… her strawberry blonde hair crusty and tinged with a dark red, like the chain of a bicycle that has rusted from being left out in the rain. Jaimee is her name. Beautiful, intelligent, athletic, inspiring: these are just a few descriptive words people would use to characterize her. Jaimee’s face was swollen – her beautiful bronze skin was losing its color; and I was losing my oldest sister. The image of her lifeless demeanor continues to haunt me to this day. Bailey – she is the middle child – sat with me; [...]

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When Trauma Returns with a War Veteran: PTSD, Substance Abuse, and Family

As the wife of an Army Ranger and First Gulf War Veteran, I've always been proud of my husband and the sacrifices he has made for our country, but I never really understood the toll it would have on him. When we got married, I knew he had nightmares and other symptoms related to his military experiences, but it wasn't until later that I realized he had what is known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. When his anxiety grew to be uncontrollable and it was affecting our family, I insisted he get help. He turned to the VA, who provided [...]

By | 2018-03-20T05:34:42+00:00 October 11th, 2017|

This Is What It Takes To Be Okay

By Chanda Lynn – Recovery Advocate for Transformations It's 1 a.m. I am sitting in a hospital bed, smacking myself in the face and roughly scraping underneath my eyes to give my face the appearance of distress and pain. It works- the doctor comes in and my eyes are as pink as the Ecolab soap hanging on the wall. My face, hollow and a bit sunken in, but the doctor never knows the true reason for it. He gasps at my appearance, "You must be in so much pain, you poor thing!" Oh, I am doctor, but the pain you [...]

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If You Have a Heartbeat, There’s Hope

Tim Ryan: Dope Man The A&E premiere of Dope Man spotlighted the seemingly unstoppable drug epidemic that has been plaguing our country for decades. While there is no one person who can single-handedly stop lives from being lost to drug overdoses, Tim Ryan is a man in motion to make a difference. His approach is unique. Working with the police who arrested him multiple times, with the judicial system that twice incarcerated him, Tim Ryan takes a save-everyone approach to fighting opiod abuse. His daily mantra is a powerful plea: to educate more people, reach out to more [...]

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From a Father’s Perspective

Written by an anonymous father of one of our alumni My son was headed down a very dark path for many years, beginning around the age of 13. The path was getting darker and darker as the years went by. I was at wits end not knowing where to turn. The fear of getting that phone call that my son had overdosed was tearing me apart. It was causing tremendous strain in all aspects of my life. It affected my work, my relationship with my current wife (my son’s stepmom), and my social life. The stress was all consuming. My [...]

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