If you aren’t too busy watching March madness, I am here to help you fill your free time with yet another Netflix recommendation. While it usually takes me at least a full month to finish a series, no thanks to my attention span, I binged Katherine Heigl’s Firefly Lane in a span of three days. This show follows two best friends, Tully and Kate, from their teenage years into their mid-adulthood. Tully is the beautiful, cool girl and, to the contrary, Kate is the nerdy introvert, but they establish the type of friendship one yearns for and stand by each other through the ups and downs of growing up. Flashbacks into their adolescence symbolize the fact that people might have things going on behind closed doors that we can’t always see from afar. Firefly Lane demonstrates how vital it is to have others to lean on through all phases of life. I think this show offers plenty of situations that we people in recovery can relate to, and while it is certainly sappy, it’s one of those shows that you can’t NOT watch.

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