HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALUMNI! 2020 was one of the most chaotic years to date, so I decided to spend most of its final month getting some good ol’ R&R and crossing TV shows and movies off my “must watch” list. Not everything I choose to watch is worth writing about. However, there is a series on HBO that I enjoyed so much. It would feel criminal not to tell you about it (if you watch the show, you’ll get the joke). The series I am talking about is called The Undoing, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

The Undoing Synopsis

Grace Fraser (Kidman) is a successful therapist married to an also successful pediatric oncologist. This power couple live a life in NYC that many others only dream of. The Fraser’s kid goes to a nice, expensive private school in the city, and the couple appear to have a healthy, loving relationship. However, one night, Grace wakes up to find her husband, Jonathan (Grant), is missing, and a violent murder is being broadcasted all over the news. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I will just say this: a beautiful woman is murdered and a renowned doctor goes missing in the same night and poor Grace gets caught in the middle of it all. Although the suspect seems obvious in the beginning, The Undoing reveals plot twist after plot twist as the show progresses.

I like to pride myself on being a skilled detective by nature, but at a certain point in this series I could not put my finger on who I thought the murderer was, and I remained unsure until the last episode. “I might be the easy answer, but I’m not the right answer,” Jonathan insists throughout the series. Watch and decide for yourself if you believe him or not. Pro-tip: don’t start this show without plenty of free-time ahead of you. I guarantee you will want to binge.


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