By Lonny F., Transformations Alumnus

“It’s good to be sober.” This is a phrase that a friend of mine, Jim, uses every time he is about to share his story. I am Lonny Foote Fishing stealing it from him for many reasons because this is a moment where it feels right to say, “It’s good to be sober.”

Ten years ago, my life had become unmanageable. I was on a course headed for disaster – drinking every day from late morning until early evening. Life got very dark for quite a while. I managed to get arrested in three different counties within the span of 10 months. I lost my driver’s license, had my car confiscated, and lost my job all due to drinking.

I found Transformations in the winter of 2012. I had gone to treatment twice prior to coming down to south Florida and was hoping for a  new beginning. Transformations offered a program that I could see myself learning to live a sober lifestyle and wanting a better life for myself and my family. I did not stay sober after leaving Transformations the first time around. My second visit to Transformations showed me all that I was lacking in my life. Number one was God, and number two was the dignity that was given to me so freely. I owe my life to AA and Transformations for helping me learn to live a clean and sober life one day at a time.

Life has not been easy in many ways, but The Promises do come true if you work the program and go to meetings like it is suggested. I have been sober now for eight and a half years. That’s been possible because I turned my will and my life over and the rest is history. History which is all good!! I have made many friends while in the program and have everything to live for. I continue to go to meetings, and I love attending the Transformations Alumni Zoom meetings every Wednesday.  So keep the faith and your life will find harmony.

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