By Jason C., Transformations alumnus

We met each other so early in life pexels photo 632043
You promised to take away all my strife
Through my ups, my downs, you were always there
You made me think my life was fair
Soon I longed for you almost every night
You were always by my side, I could not fight
At the start, I wasn’t concerned
Others scoffed, said I better learn
Though people talked, you kept the fight
I began to worry about my sight
Soon I needed you throughout the day
To deal with life it seemed the only way
I have to let you go, others said
If not, I will wind up dead
Its been way too long I began to think
But the only thing I know is how to do is drink
The harder I tried, the harder you fought
I’ll do better this time was my only thought
But each time you lost a little luster
The strength I needed I could not muster
The hold you had on me was deep and long
Still I kept you close through so much wrong
“Come back to me,” you would often cry
Your worries I’ll take, but you would always lie
My love for you must finally go away
You only take more and more each and every day
I have finally decided that we have to break
To have the life I want, I cannot wait
You will fight and claw I already know
But for me to live you have to go
I am seeing now that you have only deceived
Our love wasn’t real, so I have to leave
You have cost me loss of freedom and of life
My jobs, my kids, my family, my wife
I was fooled so long that you took my will
You have taken my soul, and you want to kill
Now my will is strong and my head is clear
The life I want seems so very near
So I will hold strong and I will not bend
Good bye alcohol, good riddance, this is the end.