Crack Withdrawal and Detox

Withdrawal and Detox from CrackIf you develop an addiction to crack or any other form of cocaine, you will experience symptoms of withdrawal if you stop using the drug or decrease your intake over a short span of time. Specific issues you may experience during the withdrawal process include:

  • an irritable or depressed state of mind,
  • bouts of anxiety,
  • an extreme drop in your normal energy levels,
  • increased sleepiness,
  • intense headaches,
  • muscle tremors
  • a powerful urge to return to crack consumption.

Some people who withdraw from this form of cocaine are also at-risk for episodes of psychosis1, a destabilizing mental state that combines hallucinations and delusional thinking.

Without help from an experienced professional, there’s a good chance that you won’t make it through crack withdrawal and establish initial sobriety. And even if you do complete withdrawal without outside help, you have a serious chance of relapsing back into drug use. This is a crucial point to consider, since people who relapse increase their chances of experiencing a life-threatening cocaine overdose.

Medically Supervised Detox

To limit the risks of substance withdrawal, addiction experts and public health officials strongly recommend that you go through the process in a medically supervised detox (detoxification) program2. Enrollment in this type of program provides you with the professional monitoring and oversight needed to safeguard your health. It also provides you with the best possible opportunity to complete the withdrawal process and proceed to follow-up treatment in a rehab program.

Crack-related withdrawal symptoms can appear in just hours after your final use of the drug. In most cases, it takes about three days to a week for these symptoms to run their course. However, some people may continue to experience effects for a longer period of time. In addition, some people detoxing from crack will continue to experience a lingering psychological impact for weeks or even longer.

Reach Out For Help

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