Bath Salts Addiction Treatment & Rehab

Bath Salts Treatment & RehabLike treatment for stimulant use disorder, bath salts treatment is based on modern psychotherapy instead of medication. Three specific forms of therapy have a known benefit: motivational enhancement therapy, contingency management and cognitive behavioral therapy. Motivational enhancement is a form of counseling that helps you make a firm personal commitment to halting your substance intake and taking an active role in treatment. Contingency management helps you keep on track by rewarding you (with vouchers or prizes) for following your treatment plan. Likewise, withholding rewards when you don’t follow your plan.

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps you do two important things. First, it helps you uncover and recognize the thoughts and behaviors that supported your substance misuse in the past. The therapy also teaches you how to replace these thoughts and behaviors with healthier alternatives that make it easier to avoid future substance misuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that teens recovering from bath salt problems may do best with therapy options modified to meet their unique, age-related needs.

If you or your loved one have a substance problem triggered by the use of bath salts, reach out for help. Transformations Treatment Center can support every step of your recovery process. With help from our behavioral therapies, you can address your current symptoms and set yourself up for a substance-free lifestyle. To ensure you receive all the benefits of treatment, we supplement your core therapy options with a variety of holistic programs. You can select programs to meet your needs, preferences or personal requirements. For more on our combination of convenience and proven treatment, contact our staff of certified specialists today.

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We provide holistic care and treatment using an individualized approach specifically tailored to your needs. Secondly, we help you lead a healthy, substance-free life with adaptive coping and problem-solving skills. Contact us today for more information on our certified staff of professionals, as well as our first-rate facilities.

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