The long term use of Percocet, Category C by the FDA, whose main ingredient is oxycodone has been proven to affect a person’s emotional wellbeing and reproductive system. It will lower interest in sex and libido in both male and female users. Women on Percocet will experience irregular menstrual cycles making it hard to get pregnant while men will have lower testosterone levels and could eventually be impotent. In addition, Percocet will affect unborn babies if the pregnant mother takes this drug continuously during her pregnancy. Some of the effects on the fetus include neonatal withdrawal symptoms, neonatal abstinence syndrome, sudden death syndrome, brain damage, hyper activeness, learning difficulties, affected growth, risks for HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B and C increases, and premature birth. However, Percocet, if taken for short term pain relief, is considered relatively safe. A nursing mother though should avoid taking Percocet because small amounts will go to the baby through the breast milk.

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