Written by an anonymous father of one of our alumni

My son was headed down a very dark path for many years, beginning around the age of 13. The path was getting darker and darker as the years went by. I was at wits end not knowing where to turn. The fear of getting that phone call that my son had overdosed was tearing me apart. It was causing tremendous strain in all aspects of my life. It affected my work, my relationship with my current wife (my son’s stepmom), and my social life. The stress was all consuming. My son was unapproachable.

Fortunately, I have a friend whose daughter had gone through the Transformations treatment program in Florida.  He told me about the program she went to and how it changed her life. He connected me with a gentleman named Josh. Little did I know how that connection would save me son’s life and help me deal with the pain and stress. Josh was very compassionate and kind. He talked to me in a way that gave me hope but did not sugar coat the situation. He explained to me the Transformations approach.

Josh thought it best to have an intervention with my son. He needed help and help quickly. Josh gave me the number of another gentleman from Transformations named Kevin who was more local to my son (approximately 2 hours from where my son lived at the time). I spoke with Kevin and felt an immediate bond with him. Both Kevin and Josh had been in my son’s situation at a point in their lives. I thought that was important for my son to know that. Kevin is also an interventionist.

Ironically, my son called me shortly thereafter and told me he was going to a rehab that he found out about. I then told my son about my friend’s daughter, about the Transformations program, and about my conversation with Josh. I did not tell him about Kevin at that point.  I wanted him to go to Transformations since I knew someone that was successful there. I gave him Josh’s phone number and asked him to call. I also gave Josh my son’s number. I do not recall who called who.  All I know is that the two spoke. He told Josh that he was already set up to go to this other program and he was leaving in a few days.

I was very skeptical. I researched the organization & spoke with them directly. I also talked to Josh. Josh impressed me very much by saying he obviously would prefer my son to come to Transformations but the most important thing is that he was going to a legitimate rehab facility. Josh had immediate concerns that my son would go on a binge knowing that he was going away to rehab. I was very frightened for my son’s life. What happened next was truly amazing to me. Josh became my gift from God. Even though my son was going to a different rehab facility, Josh took it upon himself to send Kevin to meet with him.  When Josh told me this, I said there is no way that my son would meet with Kevin, especially not knowing him. Josh then said that he already had Kevin contact my son and he was on his way (a 2 hour drive) to take him out to dinner and to see if he could avert a crisis.  I was speechless. I actually began to cry.

Kevin called me immediately after he met with my son and told me of their conversation. My son was high and certainly on some sort of drugs but was coherent enough to speak to Kevin. Kevin somehow established a rapport with him in that short period of time and talk some sense into him. I truly believe that saved my son’s life and will be forever indebted to Josh and Kevin.

My son went to the rehab facility. It was a very difficult time because I received 2 phone calls on 2 different occasions telling me he was going to check himself out. After much convincing from his therapist and me he stayed and completed his 30 days. During that time, Kevin reached out to me on a frequent basis to see how he was doing. That really meant a lot to me.

After his 30 days my son said he was coming home. I told him the only way that could happen is if he went to a halfway house first. He agreed. Unfortunately, he checked himself out after 1 ½ days. He went to live with a friend at that point. I knew it was just a matter of time before he was back on drugs. Sure enough that was the case. Things got bad again and this time he was arrested for a DUI. Kevin continued to reach out to me and my son on a consistent basis. Kevin really helped me deal with this.

A combination of me pushing my son, Kevin reaching out to him, and realizing he was in trouble with the law, my son agreed to go back to rehab, this time to Transformations! This was the best thing that could have happened. He completed treatment and agreed he needed to be in a halfway house. Kevin kept me up to date on his progress while in the Transformations program and continues to this day to check in with me and my son.

The support that we both received and continue to receive is invaluable. I know my son is never out of the woods but he is doing so much better now, thanks to Kevin, Josh and the professional staff at Transformations.  The relationship that he and I now have is something I had prayed for every day but did not think I would see because I feared he would not be alive for it to happen. I know this is a life long struggle but knowing Kevin, Josh and the Transformations treatment program is there, really helps me get through the ongoing concerns and fears.

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