Individualized Programs

Masters-level therapists who are specifically trained to treat those who are 30 and older lead this program. Group sessions focus on the concerns of adults with addictive disorders, which include parenting, divorce, blended families, and grief and loss. Individual therapy is provided to help navigate the difficulties of adult life and the impact of alcohol and drugs on family, career and health. Meditation is also available on a weekly basis. Sessions are held in our adults-only suite: a peaceful, focused environment that provides optimum conditions for recovery. Read more

Young adults struggling with addictive disorders are often delayed in their social and emotional development. Our masters-level therapists in our Young Adult Program are specifically trained to work with this population in our specially designed therapy and psycho-educational groups. Our Young Adult Program unfolds in a separate therapy suite away from the other groups to allow for a private area in which to share and recover. Read more

Studies have shown that those who choose a faith-based approach to recovery are more likely to avoid relapse and stay sober. Licensed, certified or master-level Christian therapists weave religious principles into the sessions, with activities such as Celebrate Recovery, baptisms and church services. This program will give you the tools to aid you in re-establishing your relationship with God that may have been neglected during your addiction. Read more

A specialized treatment program that has been very successful in helping first responders battle their addictions and win. It is designed to treat co-occurring diagnoses including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders and depression. Those interested in this program are first placed in the Adult or Young Adult Program, then provided with the unique services specific to the needs of first responders. Participants may choose a 12-step traditional program or a 12-step Christian program. Read more

These personalized programs are offered within the Partial Hospitalization Program and the Intensive Outpatient Program. The suffering and guilt experienced by those who have been sexually abused or had an abortion is addressed in this program through engagement with others with similar experiences. Specialized videos and techniques help clients move past the pain and begin the healing process. Read more

Expressing emotions through music allows clients to learn more about themselves, helps them understand the reasons for their addictions and provides an activity to engage their mind and help with with recovery and therapy. Creating rap music, spoken word poetry, writing and recording songs as well as performing are all activities that can be engaged in at our on-site music studio. Read more