Experiential Therapies

Music Studio

Expressing emotions through music allows clients to learn more about themselves, helps them understand the reasons for their addictions and provides an activity to engage their mind and help with with recovery and therapy. Creating rap music, spoken word poetry, writing and recording songs as well as performing are all activities that can be engaged in at our on-site music studio.

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Serenity Lounge

Based on a combination of vibroacoustics, music therapy and psychology, the Serenity Lounge helps with stress relief. It is designed to put clients in the right frame of mind to accept positive messaging and embrace mindfulness, which aids in recovery.

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Social Interaction and Recreation

An important part of recovery and living a sober life is learning how to enjoy it and function without drugs or alcohol. Our activities and recreation programs help clients do this by interacting with others, being in a social or recreational environment and having fun. We offer a Personal Trainer as well as movies, trips to the beach, cooking classes, yoga and more.

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